Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fellow Travellers

I went up to London for Easter and as I got on the train in the remotest of Welsh stations, I realised I'd forgotten my laptop, iPod and book. Urgh. In fact, over five hours of urgh. So I surreptitiously sketched some of my fellow travellers when I thought they were't looking. Please take into account that they all seemed to have ants in their pants and didn't sit still, and the jiggliness of the train (especially the Welsh Arriva line).

This man lady (left) scurried on and smelt of curry 
& this lady (right) manically chewed gum (but sweetly pointed out I'd dropped my headphones)

I peeked between the seats to sketch this voluptuous Indian girl
clutching her Louis Vuitton handbag at Birmingham.

The man (left) was terrified of missing his stop
& this lady (right) on the way back to Wales had an enchanting bull terrier at her feet.

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