Thursday, 1 December 2011

Santa Baby...

And so the count down begins.

1st December is a wonderful day for many reasons; you finally get to open a window on your Advent calendar, you can legitimately sing jingles to your heart's content, and you are allowed to shop in earnest. Horrah!

In light of this, and a flurry of emails amongst my family, I'm creating a wishlist of things I really rather like . Please do feel free to buy any of these little beauties for me.

                    Pocket watch mirror - £195 Graham & Green                             Porthole Mirror - £79 Graham & Green

When I first saw the painting of the Arnolfini Marriage by Jan van Eyck at school I clocked the wonderfully ornate convex mirror. The painting isn't half brilliant either (though I think putting that one my wishlist might be slightly beyond the realms of possibility).

So, yes please to one of those!

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