Saturday, 10 December 2011

These beauties are made for walking

It's properly arctic outside and I'm reluctantly thinking about what to wear for two Christmas parties tonight, one very SW6 (shudder), the other very E1 (shudder with cold). I know these beauties would warm my cockles. 

The magical people at Miu Miu make larger sizes, not just shoes for midgets. At 5ft11 I'm hardly tiny and am size 42. Yet people stare at me incredulously as I ask for such a whopping size. You can almost hear them mentally yelling 'put it back in the circus!'. Most embarrassing when they're delicious-looking men like ice skating at Somerset House last week. Oh the shame!

glitter sneaker at Miu Miu

Fred velvet lace-up flats at Christian Louboutin

Brown brushed suede ankle bootie at Miu Miu

Hand-woven wool and brushed-leather ankle boots at Cobra Society

It does however make the Miu Miu sneakers and booties (swoon) almost justified. Now, if only I could persuade Cobra Society to go a millimeter or two larger...

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