Sunday, 4 December 2011

Santa's Little Gems

Pippa Small jewellery... swoon. On the wish list. Infact, on any list... sigh. 

Mexican Oyster Shell Large Single Drop Earrings

Amethyst Large Greek Ring£1,900
Opal Greek Ring
Rough Aqua Pendants with Faceted Bead Necklace
I mean, I say these pieces, but really, how can you choose? They're all so delicious.

If clever husbands and boyfriends have beaten you to it and she's all sold out, I've always admired the Yves Saint Laurent design. Last year at Westfield I tried on such a beautiful necklace. My credit card must have smelt trouble and went on strike. But, just to give you some inspiration...

                                                        Arty Enamel Ring £165                               Arty Dots Ring w/ White Glass Beads £165
Large Arty Brass Cuff with Blue detail £345
all Yves Saint Laurent

HOWEVER, my sister gave me the prettiest Ottoman Hands earrings last year. Beautiful smoky quartz and jade. They've an outlet in Topshop in Oxford Circus and the rings are gorgeous (and lots less pricey).
Harem 1 £38 Ottoman Hands
Harem 4 £38 Ottoman Hands

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