Thursday, 8 March 2012

High Brow Eye Brows

Seriously? They look like they've caterpillars on their faces! Bejewelled, bedecked, and be...bugged. I'm not so sure Karl, the Chanel Fall 2012 collection in Paris was beautiful but you're trying to make Bianca Balti look odd.
It ain't kind.

And anyway, eyebrows are delicate things. I'm told glossy Americans and glamazons the world over consult trained eyebrow shapers. Not such a bad idea. I'm all for war-paint, face-paint, embracing wode (did you know that the wode of olde had semen in it? Rank) just look at the wonders Peter Philips created at Fendi on Natasha Poly or the rather majestic artistry from Pat McGrath at Balenciaga for Fall 2007 modelled by Gemma Ward.

Bianca Balti at Chanel
Fall 2012 

 Chanel Fall 2012

Natasha Poly at Fendi
Spring 2012
Gemma Ward at Balenciaga Fall 2007 & Lily Donaldson 

The whole 'disappearing eyebrow' can be stunningly ethereal. Lara Stone looks other worldly sans brow but it can also look scarily Marilyn Manson esque. Poor Bianca Balti (people should really leave her brows alone, no fair) got the spooky treatment at Givenchy for Spring 2012. And Aussie beauty Bambi Northwood-Blyth, famed for her full brows posted pictures on her blog of her hitting the J├Âlen. Ouch.

Bianca Balti at Givenchy
Spring 2012
Bambi Northwood-Blyth's bleach brows

One interpretation that nails it is this image from French illustrator Cedric Rivain.
I love his work, especially this image from Balenciaga.

Balenciaga by Cedric Rivrain

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