Sunday, 18 March 2012

Paolo Roversi at The Wapping Project

Well that wasn't such a difficult decision then.
I've been umm-ing and argh-ing for a couple of weeks now about whether or not to shlep up to London again in a weeks time. Then I heard that my most favourite photographer, Paolo Roversi is showing at The Wapping Project until March 31st. How on earth did I not know about this until now?? Crazy. Suddenly a remarkably easy decision to make. These are some of his hauntingly ethereal images.

 Roversi's Muse, Guinevere van Seenus
 Guinevere van Seenus
Kate Moss (1993)

Amber Valletta
'Rainbow Warriors' Vogue May 1996
Natalia Vodianova
Vogue Italia
Natalia Vodianova
'Morning Beauty' Vogue Italia October 2010

& a short interview with Roversi by Dazed Digital...

DD: How closely did you work with the gallery on image selection?
Paolo Roversi: We worked together. We chose images from my book Studio, a selection of my nudes and then it’s about Guinevere, one of my favourite muses.

DD: You spent over 15 years working with Guinevere. Why does she inspire you?
Paolo Roversi: She’s a beautiful creature! Beauty is very important in my work, it’s the most important engine. Guinevere is a mysterious girl. She is feminine, masculine, fragile and strong. She has a lot of different characters, a lot of different levels of beauty. She can stay in front of the camera like a statue. She can then become like a dancer, a ballerina. She is a performer. She can really light up my imagination and my creativity. It’s very important for me.

DD: Your portraits suggest an admiration of classical painting and photography. Are these equally important to you? 
Paolo Roversi: Absolutely. I have been been influenced by a lot of painters, a lot of photographers. I think it is good to be influenced. The masters give you inspiration to do your own work.

DD: Is it the process of taking portraits that you enjoy?
Paolo Roversi: Yes. For me it is a very slow moment. If I took your portrait now, it’s not one, two, click. It is an intense moment, between you and me. I want you to give me a lot, as much as you can. And you feel that, and when you feel that you want more too. You live a special moment together, an emotion together. Without this, the picture is boring. If you don’t live that moment together, the picture will never be strong.

Just one thing... where's Wapping??

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