Friday, 24 February 2012



I'm a self confessed animation junkie. My sisters and I grew up on a diet of Disney and I adore Pixar too. When I lived with my little sister, many an evening we'd get in from a night out dancing, either a tub of Ben & Jerrys' (me) or Kettle Chips and Phili (her) in hand, throw all of the cushions on the floor, grab a duvet, and put on a VHS. Yup, VHS, I'm that old. My top choice was The Jungle Book or The Little Mermaid (notice the priest's semi at the end). Her's was Aladdin or, nope, they all rock. And by gum did we know every. single. word.

Rather thrillingly, although it's not due for release until 22nd June, you can watch a clip of Brave, Pixar's latest offering here. Make mine a Baked Alaska.

Junior & Mowgli
Ariel & Sebastian
Aladdin & Genie
Did you ever dream of growing up to be like Cinderella, waltzing about in layers upon layers of taffeta that birds from the forest had made for you? For all those grown up eight year olds (girls?), you've got to have a look at Alfred Angelo's Disney inspired dresses. Genuis. Eat your heart out Vera Wang.

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