Thursday, 9 February 2012

Love Me Tender

Yup, it's getting close to the middle of February. You either love it, or hate it.
I used to loathe it. I genuinely felt that it was so cheesy and, well, naff. Then I had an hilarious time, completely unexpectedly about five years ago when I was taken to a really rank looking Portuguese Sporting Club in North Kensington. Inside, everything was pink and so unbelievably naff that it was wonderful. There was a Portugese guy in a DJ booth singing James Blunt covers (mostly in Portuguese) to an empty dance floor, pink heart helium balloons bobbing about our table, and the most delicious set menu. So kitsch, and too funny.

Since then, it's been increasingly fun. I also believe in exchanging gifts as often as possible. I know it's expensive, but is there anything more wonderful than knowing you've got an ace present for someone? Also, getting a present's pretty ace too, let's be honest.

In that vein, I've earmarked some corkers (some slightly unrealistic!) that might get your heart racing and in the mood for luuurve.

Damaris Kamikaze bra £52 & knickers £36.50 - love it

Solange Azagury-Partridge Black Cherry Hotlips Ring
A couple of years ago I was given Rob Ryan's 'This Is For You'. The images and words together are utterly beautiful, and I've a mega crush on his work. I had the most heavenly day when I went to his shop Ryantown on Columbia Road on a cold Spring Sunday morning, just at the beginning of the daffodil season. I bought lots of lovely presents and then had a wonderful lunch at The Hoxton Grill.

Rob Ryan 'Believe In Goodness' limited edition print £160 
I think my heart would burst with joy if I was ever given flowers so beautiful.
These nod to the pastel trend that I am loving. Perhaps controversially, but I think flowers are better when they're unexpected, or picked on a walk in the Spring. However, if you were being super spoilt, you could always have them for the year... swoon.

The Real Flower Company
Pastel Pink Roses & Hyacinths £55
The Real Flower Company
Blush Pink & Lavender £45

❤ Liberty Turquiose Strawberry Thief Silk Scarf £95 
❤ this is almost too pretty 
Years ago I was staying with friends in Yorkshire and they had put one of these wonderfully toasty Oka faux fur throws on my bed. It would be perfect for snuggling up in front of a fire with your squeeze, keeping the February chill out. Terrible chic too.

Oka Faux Fur Throw £135
Treat ❤ Your ❤ Self
Buying yourself a Valentine present isn't the same as sending yourself flowers. 
Oh, and it isn't ok to allow your beau to slack off (Rosie for Agent Provocateur).

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