Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Best Foot Forward

My foot that tax isn't taxing! Utter rubbish. It's a lie of a strap line.
My head nearly exploded trying to do my sums. Well I did it, and on time which is a miracle really. 

In true female economics, the moment I (gulp) paid my tax bill I reasoned I deserved a present. You know, like on birthdays, Christmas and random Tuesday afternoons. Emerald Street sent me a blast, I clicked the link, I saw, I liked, and I bought. All in under 60 seconds.

It sounds slightly reckless but these lovelies are from Asos, the wonderful website where posting is free. However they're a size 8. An Asos size 8, so probably not big enough. Rather lamely I know I'll have to send them home. I think I'm getting shopping withdrawals living in the sticks. I did remember to check with fashion guru Coco Chardonnay. She listed off the trends they hit and sent her seal of approval, phew!
Asos Sail Mid Heel Weave Detail Shoe £45