Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So Shrove Tuesday doesn't just mean pancakes to me, although it really is something to get excited about. A whole day celebrating pancakes is pretty special by anyones standards, surely? I'm a bit of a closet Catholic though, and so for me it's also the day before Lent (shudder). Last year I gave up the liquor, surprisingly not too hideous, not compared with chocolate a couple of years before. You forget, that's the thing, and it surreptitiously finds its delicious way into your gob, and bingo. Guilt. Remorse. Bugger.

This year it is was all going swimmingly (albeit the first four days) until I managed to drink a little bit too much red wine with my sister and I conked out snoring in bed before saying my prayers (2012's Lenten resolution). Rats. It's the wine. It always is. It makes me terrible forgetful and lax.

I do think taking things up is proving more difficult than giving them up. I was told recently that if you can do something for thirteen days consecutively, then it becomes a natural addition to your lifestyle and not something that you struggle with so much. I like that. Thirteen days isn't so long. It's rather comforting.
Only forty more days to go.


  1. I'm confused.... you giving up the booze? No....I loved our Saturday night together!! Cx

  2. Errr... no, it's my prayers. And they're proving rather tricky!

  3. drink in the mornings then - prayers will be easier in the evenings. Cx